Alkaline Foods Which Can Cure Heart Problems and Cancer!

The body is always exposed to high risks of various diseases so, in order to keep the body healthy you need to keep it alkaline. For you to achieve that you need to eat organic and healthy food.

The pH level in the body depends on what we consume. The food can be alkaline or acidic which impacts the pH values. Some foods can help the digestion, improve the skin condition and eliminate and prevent a lot of different medical disorders.

The diet and the eating habits are very important for the health. To keep the pH levels balanced you need to balance the diet and consume form 60 to 80% foods which are alkaline and form 40 to 20% acidic foods.

Maintaining the body alkaline is very important because it:

* lowers the risks of cancer

* prevents from colds

* regulates the weight

What is alkaline diet?

This diet is consisted of eating low calorie foods like vegetables, grains and fruits which are considered alkaline foods.

The excess acids in the body are neutralized and removed by the many processes in the body, but they are not always eliminated completely. If the organism is healthy, it can fight the acids which come from the food, but we should try to avoid items which make the body even more acidic, like tobacco for example.

The American diet and how healthy the Americans are!

The diet of the average American is very acidic. It contains a lot of dairy, meat, wheat, sugar and corn which are highly acidic foods which make the organism acidic too. In the American diet there are no fruits and vegetables included.

Heaving healthy eating habits and alkaline diet improves the health of the entire body, reduces the acids and eliminates the toxins from the system.

Foods which are considered alkaline are:

Vegetables – Cucumber, onion, cauliflower, kale, beets, peppers, celery, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, peas.

Fruits – watermelon, bananas, peach, berries, cantaloupe, grapes, lemon, melon, orange, pear, apple

Also tofu, almonds, chestnuts, cinnamon, mustard, sea salt, curry and ginger are alkaline products.

Benefits of some of the alkaline foods are:


The lemon is great for the treatment of different issues. It can eliminate kidney and gallbladder stones, kill bacteria, intestine worms, purify the liver and it can even eliminate cancer.  It is the most alkaline food of them all even though it has acidic taste. It keeps the pH levels perfectly balanced.

Coconut oil

The coconut oil is very healthy and good for the heart. It contains saturated fats and good-fatty acids.


This fruit is very alkaline and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is great in the treatments of arthritis, tooth pain, cold, cough and digestion.


The carrots are loaded with vitamin A and have a lot of beneficial properties in the treatment of some very serious illnesses like cancer and heart attacks. Carrots have beta carotene which improves the vision reducing the damage of the macula by 40 % and also slows down the aging process.


Beets are great for detoxifying the body, for the treatment of depression and for the health overall.


This spice contains a lot of very healthy elements like fiber, iron, manganese and calcium which are very important for the treatment of a lot of medical conditions. It helps treat arthritis, lowers cholesterol, eliminates cancer cells, eliminates yeast infections, improves the health of the brain and balances the blood sugar levels.

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