3-Day Sugar Detox Program That Will Help You Lose The Extra Weight And Cleanse The Body!

The unhealthy diet loaded with carbohydrates, fats and sugar and the unhealthy eating habits cause too much weight and obesity.

The average diet of today contains a lot of sugar and people are not even aware of the amounts they consume and what this can do for their health.  The high amounts of sugar can cause problems to the overall health. Sugar is the main ingredient to many drinks and foods that we consume almost every day like juices, sodas, salad dressings, yogurt, candy and breakfast cereals.

Sugar is found also in raisins, honey, mangos and bananas. The difference is that in these products the scientists consider them as simple carbohydrates.

Consuming too much sugar can cause sugar overdose. The main symptoms of sugar overdose are headaches, sleepiness, consequent fatigue, mental disorientation, sinus problems, colds, hyperactivity, yeast infections and depression.

Sugar can also cause some very serious health problems like cancer, heart diseases, higher risk of diabetes and other heart problems.

The relation between sugar and gaining weight

When we consume high amounts of sugar the body only takes the amount that it needs, so it can elevate the energy levels. The rest of the sugar is stored in the body as fat.

There is a difference between the sugar we add in the meals and the natural sugar. The added sugar goes in the intestines and the body immediately sees the sugar as intestinal bacteria. The added sugar elevates the blood sugar levels. It gets stored in form of fat in the waist, thighs and hips.

Avoid sugar

Although people think it`s impossible to stop consuming sugar it`s actually doable. You will experience the same withdrawal symptoms like for any other addiction such as cravings, headaches, queasiness, sadness and fatigue.

After a meal, when the food is digested we experience cravings. These cravings alert the brain that it`s still hungry, so you will want something sweet.

It`s important to stay focused and to control yourself. Start by decreasing the intake of sugar, don’t stop at once.

After you have eliminated sugar from your diet you will notice that the entire health is improved and the body also.

You can control the sugar cravings and detoxify the body with this 3 day detox program.

Day I

Breakfast – 3 boiled or scrambled eggs or a cup of oats with almonds, seeds and berries.

Midday snack – One small bowl of nuts, your favorite ones

Lunch – Vegetables: turnips, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, beans, beets, almonds and chicken breast

Dinner –Fried broccoli and mushrooms with salmon or a bowl of green beans.and broiled fish.

Day II

Breakfast – Steel-cut oatmeal with berries, almonds and seeds or of 3 eggs scrambled with spinach.

Midday snack -1 small owl of mixed nuts

Lunch – Red and yellow peppers with grilled zucchini and lemon, vinegar and thyme dressing or salad of red cabbage and grinded green with carrots and parsley and olive oil, lemon and salt dressing

Dinner –Bean soup and vegetable casserole with green vegetables steamed or bok choy stir fried with roasted turnip, Brussels sprouts, backed cod.


Breakfast – 1 cup of steel cut oats and berries, almonds and seeds or 3 eggs scrambled with shrimps and salad of radish, sautéed kale and walnuts.

Midday snack – One small ball of mixed nuts

Lunch – Roasted chicken thighs with sage, rosemary and lemon or chicken meat roasted with onions, black olives and thyme.

Dinner – Garlic or mushroom broth with celery, carrots, thyme, onion, bay leaves or pasta with tomato meat sauce with mushrooms and basil.

Detox drinks

Avoid the sugary drinks and make your own detox drinks that will improve and boost the metabolism.

Tea – Drink unsweetened tea always. Drink herbal tea 3 times every day. The best one for detoxifying the body is the green tea.

Coffee – Only take 1 cup of coffee unsweetened a day.

Detox water – Mix the water with chopped fresh mint leaves, grapefruit, strawberries, oranges or blueberries. Put the water in the fridge and drink it every day.

This 3 day detox program is amazing. It will reduce the sugar cravings, detoxify the body and improve the overall health.

Source and imagesource: organichealthhouse.com