2 Very Effective And Simple Ways To Release The Pinched Sciatica Nerve In The Lumbar Area And Eliminate The Sciatic Pain!

Sciatica is the term used for describing the pain in the lower back that spreads all throughout the leg and feet. The sciatic pain is caused by the pinched sciatic nerve in the lumbar area and sometimes it can be very intense and it may also cause inability to move and burning sensation. The pain is more sever during the night or after sitting or standing for longer time in one position. It usually affects only one leg.

All the types of back pain, sciatica included, are treated with medications and painkillers. But, painkillers have short term effects and rarely work. Also taking painkillers can have some very serious side effects.

If you don’t like taking painkillers there are many different ways to reduce the pain. You can make simple stretches which can reduce the inflammation of the sciatic nerve that causes the sciatic pain. This stretches are very effective and easy to perform.

Stretch No.1

On the floor, lie down on the back and bend the leg affected by sciatica and pull it. Keep pulling the painful leg toward the shoulder until it`s fully stretched. Hold that position for 30 seconds. After a short break repeat the stretch 2 more times.

Also, you can lie down in supine position with bended knees and cross the legs Pull the legs to the chest until you are stretched. Stay in this position for half a minute. Repeat the stretch 2 or 3 times.

Stretch No.2

Lie down on a flat surface. Bend the healthy leg toward the chest with your hand and try not to lift the buttocks up. Hold the position for 30 sec. After a short break repeat the exercise.

These exercises are good for boosting the blood flow to the muscles. The increased blood flow eliminates the pain. These stretches are very effective for releasing the pinched nerve and for removing the sciatica pain and in some cases can even be more effective than any medications and painkillers and most importantly without side effects.

Source and imagesource: organichealthhouse.com