Do This 15 Min Prior Bed And Change The Skin Forever

We all enter the season when we need more attention to the skin.

No need to bother more than usual all year long, but in summer we are exposed to sun and high heat, so skin gets dry and dull.

It needs extra care in summer.

Here is the best method with just a few steps for better and glowing skin, and this is simple too.


First, clean the face. Use cotton ball and rose water.

Then start. Have a bowl with 2 spoons rice flour. Add cucumber juice and pinch turmeric. Make mix and apply on the face. Massage for 5 minutes and wash the face with water.

Another remedy method

Use 2 spoons sandalwood powder, add rose water 2 spoons and spoon honey. Apply on face for 15 min. then rinse.

In the end put toner and facial cream. Enjoy.

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