12 Secrets That The Food Industry Does Not Want To Know!

When buying something from a store, we usually choose products that look beautiful to us. But is that the right way? The beautiful look does not necessarily mean good taste and quality. These tips will assist you to always choose the best foods.

1. Hard cheese

When you buy hard cheese, look at its color, texture, and holes. There should be no white bark and the holes need to be evenly distributed. If cheese does not return to its original form after you have pressed it a bit, do not buy it.

2. Meat

The meat is pink when it’s fresh, not light red or brown. Also, pay attention to the fat lines. They need to be very bright. If the meat is good it will get back to its original form and won’t stick to the hands.

3. Coffee

Always buy coffee at with an average price. Those that are cheap are not good, and the expensive one has the same taste as everyone else. Good coffee never should be packaged in plastic, only in metal or glass. Also, the shelf life should not be more than 18 months.

4. Honey

Organic honey is always one colored and transparent. The natural honey is sweet and it has a beautiful aroma. Put a drop between the fingers – if it soaks easily the honey is good.

5. Ice cream

Firstly read the ingredients of the ice cream. Ice-cream with a taste of forest fruits is not natural, so it’s best to choose ice cream with nuts or candied fruit.

6. Chocolate

Firstly, look at the ingredients of chocolate. Is the list is shorter, the better. Quality chocolate contains cocoa and it is best to buy chocolate with cocoa butter instead of those with vegetable oil.

7. Fish

Fish that is fresh has bright eyes. Fuzzy eyes indicate that fish is old. The fins should be red or sometimes light pink. Take it in your hand, the tail of the fish should fall freely.

8. Bread

Fresh bread should always be soft. Also note that the bread in plastic bags stays fresh for a long time, but will soon lose its taste in such packaging.

9. Carrots

Picking carrots is really easy. The best ones are those who are not very bright, have no spots and are small.

10. Bell Peppers

If the bell pepper is divided into 2 or 3 parts, it’s a sign that it’s a little bit bitter. If there are 4 or more parts, it will be sweet with multiple seeds.

11. Leek

Pay attention to the border between the white and green parts of the leek. If it’s obvious, the product is good. If the color changes gradually, the leak will be too stiff.

12. Gelatin

It’s no secret that gelatin is obtained by boiling the skin, ligaments, and bones from pigs and cows. It is better to use plant gelatin, known as agar, obtained from algae.

Source: kafepauza.mk