1 Amazing Trick With Coconut Oil To Remove Stains From The Teeth, Bad Breath And Plaque!

Oil pulling is old Ayurveda cure used for detoxification of the body and for improving the oral health. This cure is consisted of using organic oil for eliminating bacteria, fungi and other harmful organisms from the mouth, teeth, throat and gums.

The method is very simple. You can use coconut or sesame oil. Just swish it in the mouth for few minutes every day and your oral hygiene will be improved. This method is safe and completely natural. It detoxifies the mouth cavity, removes plague and keeps the gums healthy.

These are the 10 benefits of oil pulling:

Reduces mouth and gums diseases – The coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it kills the bacteria on the gums that make plaque. The oil will cure the inflamed gums or gingivitis and other diseases like bleeding gums and cavities which occur when the immunity is weakened.

Eliminates bad breath – Bad breath or halitosis is caused by bacteria in the mouth and gasses and chemicals in the body. With oil pulling you can eliminate the bacteria. A research conducted on 20 people showed that this method is better than other store products for treating this problem.

Whiter teeth – Instead of using whitening products loaded with chemicals you can use oil pulling. The natural oils shows better results and they are completely safe without side effects. The oils whiten the teeth faster and completely naturally. The regular whitening products like strips contain bleach, benzene, tar, fluoride and aluminum. Also with the oil pulling the gums will be healthier and pinker.

Treats sore jaw and TMJ – This method eliminates soreness in the jaw and it makes it stronger. At the beginning the jaw will be irritated but it will get used to it.

Body detox – With this method you can eliminate fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites from the body and the mouth. The stress and the bad diet make the immune system not to function properly and the bacteria and the microbes spread in the body and the mouth and cause inflammations and other diseases.

Good skin – The oil pulling can treat acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. The body detox also affects the skin making it better and healthier after just 2 weeks.

Less headaches and migraines – Generally headaches are caused by tight or wide blood vessels. Migraines are caused by constricted vessels. But these problems can be caused also by the toxins in the body and the toxic residues in the nervous system. The oil pulling eliminates the toxins and the bacteria, so it can help in these cases also.

Reduces congestion problems and asthma – These conditions are caused by inflammation in the body. This method helps in the treatment of these conditions and it can also help with bronchitis.

Hormone balance – This method improves the immunity and as a result the hormones are balanced. You can practice this method in case of hormonal imbalance and for eliminating PMS signs.

Healthier kidneys and liver – The detoxification of the body with this method makes the kidneys and the liver healthier.

The method of Oil pulling

In the past, the sesame oil was used for this method. Today this method is best done with coconut oil due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Keep the coconut oil on room temperature or warm it up just a little bit so you can handle it. Make sure not no overheat it because it will lose the nutrients.

How it`s done

Put 1 or 2 spoons of the coconut oil in the mouth and swish it for 20 minutes. Spit it out after 20 min. making sure not to swallow it because now it`s full of toxins and bacteria. The coconut oil will regenerate the saliva glands, kill the bacteria and remove the plaques. Rinse with warm water. Brush the teeth with fluoride free toothpaste.

Source and imagesource: organichealthuniverse.com